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Anonymous asked: You would've like a gang bang from me n my guys! ;)

What kind of an asshole are you?


So, people, when dealing with heartache and depression, I have learned which method makes it worse.

The other night I attended a party, and got minor alcohol poisoning because I was guzzling tequila and mixing it with sugary vodka. Basically, I was rendered useless.

No matter how much I am hurting, I can’t do things that will put me in further pain or have the potential to really fuck me up.

It’s 5pm on Easter Sunday, and I have been hungover for a good 12.5 hours.

The one thing that was scariest to me, is that I was asking these people to call my mom or dad because my phone had died. I also asked if they would call a close friend of mine to come take care of me. There were some really rude people there.

ALSO; thank God to the guy who stopped sexual assault. There were a lot of gay guys at this fucked up party, and when I fell to the floor and literally couldn’t move, the three guys on the couch were like “Lets gangbang him. C’mon man lets take turns! Do you want to?”

Like I was a fucking piece of trash.

Thank God for the gay guy who had brains, a heart, and a spirit.

Finally this girl Lindsay showed up and called my parents. By the time they arrived at the scene, I was passed out and I could hardly move. I became immensely sick and in a slight bit of pain if anyone tried to pick me up off the floor.

At least my mom and dad made the scene a little lighter, and hearing their voices calmed me down a bit.

But as usual, my dad is my dad, and everyone at that party was telling him and my mom that they are fucking awesome parents, awesome people, and were handling this situation so much better than any other parent they’d seen.

"You’re fucking awesome people. I want to have drinks with you guys or invite you to my barbecue this summer." One girl was saying.

Of course my dad was poking fun at my situation, because it was embarrassing. I ended up just staying the night on the floor, in the care of Lindsay and a really sweet gay guy to protect me from ratchets/danger.

I have learned my tequila/alcohol lesson.

I will not poison my body, just like I won’t have random sex (which thank God I did not do…although I put myself in a situation where rape was a very real possibility)

I am strong. I am beautiful. I am too full of life.

Hearts heal, in time. And that is all I have to hold onto.

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